The Société Internationale de Bibliographie Classique (SIBC) was founded by Jules Marouzeau in the early 1920s, under the name Société de Bibliographie Classique. Created for the purpose of supporting the compilation and publication of L’Année philologique, this learned society modified its name when it took on a decidedly international dimension under the leadership of Juliette Ernst. Since that time, all the countries that participate in the project are represented in the SIBC, while some additional members are chosen for their competence in the discipline. The SIBC is affiliated with the Fédération Internationale des Etudes Classiques (FIEC), whose president is an ex officio member of the SIBC.

SIBC is classified as a non-profit organization under the French law relating to contracts of association (commonly known as the “law of 1901” (although periodically amended since then). The statutes (on file at the Préfecture de Police in Paris) were modified in 1994 to ensure their conformity with current regulations, then in 2014. In particular. the Presidency of the SIBC, a position formerly conferred automatically upon the president of the FIEC, has since 2004 been held by a member elected at the annual meeting of members for a period of five years.

The purpose of the annual meeting is to keep abreast of the activities of the various offices of L’Année philologique and to identify broad strategic goals; to review finances; and to elect new members. The Bureau, or Executive Committee, which manages day-to-day business, is composed of the President, Vice President, Secretary-General and Treasurer. It is now part of the Comité de Direction of the SIBC. As of January 2015, SIBC has 25 members from 9 countries.

Since the promulgation of the statutes of 1994, the Presidents of SIBC have been Jean Irigoin (1994-1999), Birger Munk Olsen (1999-2004), Jean-Claude Fredouille (2004-2009), Margarethe Billerbeck ( 2009-2012), Marie-Odile Goulet-Cazé (2013-2014) and Dee Clayman (2015-). The President and the Vice President have to be chosen from different countries.

The SIBC has agreements with a number of institutions that support the offices of L’Année philologique, particularly the American Philological Association, whose President is an ex officio member of the SIBC. The SIBC ensures the publication of the printed volumes of L’Année philologique and the development of the on-line version. The distribution of both formats is entrusted to the BLDD company (Belles Lettres Diffusion Distribution). The Database also by EBSCOhost.